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Cheers to The Hub


Comfort food served in a cozy setting surrounded by familiar faces of family and friends, what’s not to love?

That’s exactly what The Hub on Main Street in downtown North Adams offers patrons each time they step foot in the door. Owned and run by a family for all families by Kate and Matt Schilling, a duo with the help of Kate’s mom and aunt, the hub has become a staple of North Adams, and come to be known by many as the “Cheers” of the Berkshires.

Matt, originally from Florida, and Kate, from North Adams, met while living in Bar Harbor, Maine. As the couple began to get to know each other, Matt’s intentions of moving back to Florida were put on pause as they decided to make a life together. Luckily for lovers of The Hub, that decision would bring them from Bar Harbor to North Adams and a culinary gem would be born.

Bar Harbor is a seasonal getaway in the summer months, bringing lots of customers for lobster rolls and steamers. But for those living there year-round, the seasonality makes it hard to maintain business during the off months. So even though Kate and Matt’s intention was to open a restaurant together, they quickly realized that would be difficult to do in a summer tourist town.

They decided to leave seasonal Bar Harbor and move to North Adams, where Kate had family, for one year. In that time, they would work and save enough money to move elsewhere and open their business. Little did they know that an opportunity would present itself right here in North Adams.

After a year, in 2008, they found a local restaurant that was offered for sale on Main Street. Kate and Matt, with the help of Kate’s parents, jumped at the opportunity. They purchased the existing family-run restaurant and renamed it The Hub, an ongoing restaurant from the start.

The Hub hit the ground running with early success and Kate and Matt began to make their imprint on North Adams.

From the beginning, they listened to what their customers wanted—delicious comfort food at a reasonable price—and they surely made good on those demands. Matt felt he had to put his own spin on the menu. He tapped into his Southern roots and found a delicious fusion between Southern cuisine and traditional New England dishes. They found their place in Berkshire County dining. More importantly, what they offered found its place in the hearts of their customers.

The Hub became a place where diners could turn when craving comfort food with a twist. Offering jambalaya on the same menu as chicken parmesan, fried green beans with chipotle aioli, Old Bay–dusted shrimp wrapped in bacon with a zesty barbecue sauce, and a Thai salad got all the attention they needed.

When patrons are craving something different, Matt does his best to accommodate them. The food is homemade and recognizable, and will leave you feeling like you just left your family or friends’ dinner table. So, on the nights that you just don’t feel like cooking for your family, head to The Hub, where the friendly staff will treat you like a member of their family.

Best of all, you’ll leave this family table without the drama of overbearing parents and your aunt’s lipstick smearing your face.

The Hub, 55 Main St, North Adams, 413-662-2500.

Matthew LaBombard, is a publicist at Storey Publishing in North Adams. A native of Berkshire County, he currently lives in Williamstown. An avid cook, Matt spends his free time entertaining and cooking for friends and family.


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