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Rx for Salmon on the Grill


What does your doctor eat? Maybe that’s why she or he is always well.

Andrew Potler, a doctor of internal medicine at East Mountain Medical Associates, Great Barrington, was kind enough to share what he enjoys grilling on a perfect summer’s day. Dr. Potler attributes this recipe to Gourmet magazine, around eight years ago.

It’s been a winner with his family ever since.

Edible Berkshires test kitchen tried this recipe using swordfish as well as salmon. The results were equally good, especially since swordfish is always wild. No need to worry about the skin side with swordfish; it will be flesh on both sides. The swordfish may require adding an additional 2 minutes on each side due to the thickness of the fillet.

To accompany our fish we grilled a variety of seasonal vegetables: zucchini, sweet peppers, snap peas. Just lightly coat them with olive oil. After you have turned the fish over, place the veggies on the grill, watching to avoid burning. When serving, put a dollop of lime-butter sauce on the vegetables as well.

You will have lime-butter sauce left over. It will keep in the refrigerator for weeks and can be used on just about any meat or certainly any vegetables you prepare.


Grilled Salmon with Lime-Butter Sauce