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notable edibles

On April 5, on behalf of the citizens of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, Governor Deval Patrick awarded citations to the five Edible Communities publications in the state for their contributions to sustainable agriculture and the farm to table movement. We feel honored to have been included, along with Edible Boston, Edible Cape Cod, Edible South Shore, and Edible Vineyard. We hope we will be able to live up to this honor.


Congratulations Great Barrington!

To everyone who lives and/or works in the town of Great Barrington, we are proud to be voted the best small town in America by Smithsonian Magazine in its May issue. We’re not surprised…www.smithsonianmag.com/travel/The-20-Best-Small-Towns-in-America.html


Congratulations to founder Darra Goldstein of Williams College, whose quarterly food journal Gastronomica shared the prestigious James Beard Foundation Award for best food publication of the year. (Note: This award was given to the Edible Communities Publications in 2011.)


Dan HardyQ & A Dan Hardy Chef Allium G.B. :

Q: How would you define your role in the local food movement?

A: I help facilitate the relationship between farmer and consumer. I’m a skilled laborer who has the opportunity to do that.

Q: What would you say is your favorite reason for living and/or working in the Berkshires?

A: The access to all the people (ranchers, farmers, producers ) and the chefs who all collaborate to spread the message that there is a better and healthier way to transcend our beliefs on the way we eat and treat our land.


On March 26, the Maple Harvest dinner was hosted by the Red Lion Inn in Stockbridge to benefit Berkshire Grown. Chefs from Castle Street Cafe, G.B., Gala Steakhouse & Bistro,Williamstown, John Andrews, S. Egremont, Old Inn on The Green, New Marlboro, Route 7 Grill, G.B., Wild Oats Market, Williamstown and Williams Inn, Williamstown created a seven-course tasting menu using locally sourced maple syrup and related products.


*On March 2, the James Beard Foundation presented “Preserving the Berkshire Harvest,” an evening showcasing the culinary talents and farm-to-table efforts of Brian Alberg, Lester Blumenthal, Dan Hardy, Nicholas Moulton, Dan Smith, Jeremy Stanton and Joji Sumi, several of the most innovative chefs of the Berkshires. The foods prepared were preserved using “time-honored preserving and curing methods with foods raised and harvested in the Berkshire region.”


Q&A from Lester Blumenthal owner Route 7 Grill G.B.

Lester Blumenthal

Q: Please tell us about the James Beard Dinner and how it relates to your experience on the team and as an individual.

A: At the event we all get to express our connection with our farmers and the land (or terroir)—pickling/freezing/ canning the end of last season’s produce harvest and plating that bounty with the delicious meats that are raised on our fields and grasses. I feel the success of our plates comes not only from each chefs individual’s skill but also from the precise flavors of our Berkshire land— how things are raised and grown.

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