Edible Berkshires


 Cider Maiden's Blush6 ounces Carr’s Sparkling Dry Cider, chilled

1½ ounces Berkshire Mountain Distiller’s Greylock Gin

½ ounce Bug Hill Farm Raspberry Shrub or substitute ½ ounce Chambord

Sprig of fresh mint, bruised or coarsely chopped

Fresh raspberry, to garnish

Combine gin, raspberry shrub, and ice in a shaker. Shake well and strain into a chilled cocktail glass, then add sparkling cider. Stir in mint and garnish with fresh raspberry on rim.

Carr’s Cider and Greylock Gin, available at Domaney’s in Great Barrington and Kelly’s in Dalton.

Bug Hill Farm Raspberry Shrub is available at the G.B. Farmers Market and on their website, bughillfarm.org

Drink Responsibly!

Photo courtesy of Carr’s Ciderhouse