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Sommeliers match palates in ice cream taste-off

To look. To smell. To taste. These are finely honed tools required for tasting and judging fine wine. So when local sommeliers Caitlin Harrison of Mezze, Luc Chevalier of Blantyre and Dan Thomas of the Red Lion Inn convened for a blind tasting of five different brands of ice cream, they immediately applied their oenophile training. Edible Berkshires asked them to trade corkscrew for spoon to taste and rate the vanilla ice cream from five area brands, and then those same brands’ best sellers, regardless of flavor.

Five cups of ice cream were placed in front of each of them, devoid of labels and therefore devoid of preconceived notions. These judges would have only their keenly trained senses to trust to discern and rate the ice creams on flavor, creaminess and aftertaste.

It began, as wine tastings customarily do, with the whites—in … Read the rest

notable edibles

On April 5, on behalf of the citizens of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, Governor Deval Patrick awarded citations to the five Edible Communities publications in the state for their contributions to sustainable agriculture and the farm to table movement. We feel honored to have been included, along with Edible Boston, Edible Cape Cod, Edible South Shore, and Edible Vineyard. We hope we will be able to live up to this honor.


Congratulations Great Barrington!

To everyone who lives and/or works in the town of Great Barrington, we are proud to be voted the best small town in America by Smithsonian Magazine in its May issue. We’re not surprised…www.smithsonianmag.com/travel/The-20-Best-Small-Towns-in-America.html


Congratulations to founder Darra Goldstein of Williams College, whose quarterly food journal Gastronomica shared the prestigious James Beard Foundation Award for best food publication of the year. (Note: This award was given to the Edible Communities Publications in 2011.)… Read the rest

letter from the publisher

Dear Friends,

Welcome to the inaugural issue of Edible Berkshires, the newest member of the Edible Communities group of locally owned and edited publications that celebrate fresh, seasonal, local food. Widely recognized for their role in transforming the way people shop for, cook, eat and relate to food, Edible magazines have taken root in about 70 communities across the United Sates and Canada—and the seeds for our own local edition have quickly sprouted.

[pullquote]A new crop of young farmers is rediscovering the beauty (and value) of working the land. White-tablecloth restaurants are challenging their patrons with innovative new dishes that draw upon world cuisine while staying true to our regional sources. And innovative entrepreneurs are canning, baking and ice cream making their way into the hearts of locals and tourists alike. [/pullquote]

The support from farmers, restaurants and local food artisans has been tremendous. Like most great ideas, Edible … Read the rest