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Italian Wedding Soup According to Carole Murko

soupIt’s that time of year again when the cooler weather triggers that yearning for foods that warm our souls. I had a craving for Italian Wedding Soup. Maybe because my friend Andre Pupek, who I had just met with, is getting married to an Italian. Or maybe because, it’s true comfort food.

Whatever the reason, I have reinterpreted it to suit the ingredients I had on hand and to satisfy some food allergies and sensitivities. This soup is traditionally made with beef meatballs, chicken stock, vegetables and tubettini pasta.

In my house growing up, Italian Wedding Soup was called meatball soup. It wasn’t until I went to an Italian restaurant with my parents as a teenager that I learned it was actually called Italian Wedding Soup. I imagined that it got its name because it was served as a first course at many Italian weddings. Recently, at a lecture on cultural cookbooks, I learned that Italian Wedding Soup is a misnomer. In Italian, it is called “minestra maritata”—meaning married soup. However, this refers to the ingredients: the marriage between the meat and the vegetables in the soup.

After taking their first slurp, my family’s first comment was “Did you put sugar in it?” To which I responded, “No, silly, it’s the parsnips!”

I made it with turkey meatballs because I have eliminated beef due to some stomach issues and there’s no pasta in it because my husband Jim has celiac disease. See how easy it is to adapt a treasured family recipe to suit your dietary needs!

The soup was delicious, if I do say so myself!! And it tastes even better the next day.

Carole Murko is a home cook, writer and host of “Radio Heirloom Meals” on Robin Hood Radio (NPR) at 91.5 FM in Sharon, Connecticut. She has hosted and produced TV specials for PBS. HeirloomMeals.com