Edible Berkshires

Working in the Land for Plenty


“I love the sound blackberries make against the bottom of the bucket when I first start dropping them in. As the berries start to pile up they make a muffled sound, which becomes harder and harder to hear as the bucket gets heavier and full. It’s a hot summer day and the silence is now complete, except for the buzzing of bees and the rustling of berry branches. I’ll freeze those berries and, come January, I’ll make a cobbler or a pie with them, and when I eat a piece of it I’ll remember the morning I picked them. I’ll remember the sounds and the silence, the smell of the fields and the earth, the slant of the sunlight through the trees.”

Sandra Snyder of When Pigs Fly Farm has just described one of the hidden perks of growing and harvesting your own food. It’s not just the nutritional benefits … Read the rest